To participate, you have to submit a technical paper describing your contribution for the CCC 2016. The paper length is up to 8 pages.


The evaluation will be based on the technical paper describing your contribution. Submissions will undergo standard paper review process. Accepted papers will be considered as finalists for competition.  A jury will be formed from the members of the program committee. This jury will evaluate the finalists according to the scientific significance (7 points), the presentation of the paper (2 points), and results if any (1 point).


1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards will be presented to the participants according to the jury based on the program committee’s technical/scientific paper reviews and jury vote.

Paper submission

Technical papers have to describe your contribution(s). Papers have to be in Springer format. Paper size is maximum 8 pages.

Submissions have to be made via Easychair.

Additional information

Registration is mandatory

Any individual or group (e.g., academic, industry, or government) is invited to participate. At least one person per finalist must register for the conference, give a talk and demonstrate their work in the CCC workshop.

No restriction on technologies

We do not make any restrictions on the technology to be used:

  • The representation of the recipes can be chosen arbitrarily.
  • The technology to be used for selecting and modifying recipes is absolutely open.
  • You can use any kind of supporting software tools; creativity is encouraged!